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Contract with a crypto investor or an agreement on the sale of tokens

An agreement to sell tokens with an investor, fully compliant with international law.
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✅ The turnaround time is no more than 2 days.
✅ Creating a customized agreement for your project.
✅ An agreement to sell tokens with an investor, fully compliant with international law.

Is your project planning to attract an investor or group of investors?
You need an agreement with a cryptocurrency investor or an agreement to sell tokens.
The times when investors came and bought tokens in the market are long gone.
Today, you need to have a contractual relationship with investors.

The contract must be drawn up taking into account the international legislation, the legislation of the country where the project operates, as well as the legislation of the country where the investor is a resident.
It is important to take into account the specifics of the cryptocurrency market, a standard investment contract is fundamentally different from a contract with a cryptocurrency investor.

There is no single standard contract, each contract is made individually for the project, taking into account all the requirements of the investor and the project.
There can be many variants of contracts, such as a link to the market price of the token, or a fixed dividend amount, as well as many other options.
AML requirements and other options must be taken into account.
Each contract we prepare is a unique document, in fact a work of art.

Send us the following information to complete your order:
  • Describe in as much detail as possible your investor's requirements as well as your wishes.
  • Information about the country of residence of the investor and your project is also required.
  • Depending on how accurately you specify the requirements, the more ideal the contract will be.

If you don't have clear agreements with investors and need consultation, this is an additional option.
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Please note: You can use additional options, the price is for standard options, maybe according to your requirements the price will be higher or lower. And maybe we can offer you the most suitable and profitable option, which will be ideal for you.

🔥We strongly recommend contacting us before ordering.

You can send all information through the form on the site or by e-mail.

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