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Keyword research tools.

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links

​Browser extensions for OSINT. 

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links
  • Double Shot Search  is an extension for Chrome that doubles the search. It searches in two search engines simultaneously - Bing and Google.  

  • Hunter.io is a service that will find e-mail addresses associated with a certain domain. You can also use this tool to find an e-mail address by name in a couple of seconds.

  • RevEye  is an open-source Chrome extension that runs a photo through Google, Bing, Yandex and TinEye. 


Search Engines. 

General Search

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links

National Search Engines.

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links

Privacy-oriented search engines

  • DuckDuckGo: Online investigators usually use it to search the surface web while using the Tor Browser.

  • Startpage: Fetch results from Google without tracking its users.

  • Peekier: Privacy oriented search engines that fetch its results using its own search algorithm.

  • Qwant: Based in France.

  • Oscobo: Based in UK.

  • Swisscows:  Privacy safe WEB-search based in Switzerland.

  • Gigablast: Open source search engine.

  • Gibiru:  Uncensored and anonymous search engine.

  • Privado

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links

Meta search engines

  • Excite

  • Search

  • MetaGer

  • Zapmeta

  • etools: Compile its results from major international search engines, keep user privacy by not collecting or sharing personal information of its users. This search engine is very fast and show a summary for each search query -on the right side- detailing the source of its results.

  • All the interne: query major search engines including shopping site like Amazon and eBay.

  • izito: Aggregate data from multiple sources (Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube and other) to generate optimal results which includes images, videos, news and articles.

  • Metacrawler: Aggregate results from Google and Yahoo!.

  • My all search: Aggregates results through Bing, DuckDuckGo, AOL Search, Ask, Oscobo, Mojeek, ZapMeta, MetaCrawler.

  • Carrot2: Open Source Search Results Clustering Engine aggregate results from GoogleAPI, Bing API, eTools Meta Search, Lucene, SOLR, and more.

  • elocalfinder: Fetch results from Google, Yahoo!, Ask and Bing .

  • All-in-One

  • Searx

Files Search Engines

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links

Image Search Engines

There are specialized sites that hold images appeared in the press and news media, to search for this type of images go to:

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint

Images shared across social media sites can be found in the following locations:

There are specialized sites that hold images appeared in the press and news media, to search for this type of images go to:


Video Search Engines


Fake News Detection.

  • Snopes: Discovers false news, stories, urban legends and research/validate rumors to see whether it is true.

  • Hoaxy: Check the spread of false claims (like a hoax, rumor, satire, news report) across social media sites. The site derives its results from reputable fact checking organizations to return the most accurate results.

  • FactCheck: This site is partnered with Facebook to help identify and label fake news reported by its users. It also monitors different media for the false info covering a wide range of topics like health, science, hoaxes spread through Spam emails.

  • ReviewMeta: Analysis Amazon user reviews.

  • Reporter Lab: Gives a map of global fact-checking sites.

  • Truth Or Fiction: Discover fake news in different topics like politics, nature, health, space, crime, police and terrorism…etc.

  • Hoax-Slayer: Focuses on email scam and social media hoaxes.

  • Verification Handbook: A definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage available in different languages.

  • Verification junkie: This is a directory of tools for verifying, fact checking and assessing the validity of eyewitness reports and user self-published content online.

  • citizen evidence: tools and lessons to teach people how to authenticate user-generated online contents. Managed by Amnesty International.

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News/Newspaper Search Engines.

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint

Business Search

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint

Business Profiles

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint

Business Annual Records

Data Leak Websites


Pastebin sites

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint

Social Media Intelligence


  • Facebook scanner: As of June 6th, you can scan only your own profile with this tool.

  • Socmint: Facilitate fetching information using Facebook Graph search.

  • Lookup ID: Find Facebook personal numeric ID / Group ID / Page ID.

  • FindMyFbid: Locate Facebook personal numeric ID.

  • Facebook JSON Search

  • LikeAlyzer: Analyze and monitor Facebook Pages.

  • Face Live: Facebook live video search.

  • Who posted what?: Facebook keyword search generator. It searches Facebook posts and limit the results to specific date.

  • ExtractFace: Automate extracting data from Facebook profiles (Not working currently).




  • iconosquare

  • picodash: A powerful search engine to explore Instagram & Twitter photos, videos, users and locations.

  • ToFo


Social Media Psychological Analysis

  • Tone Analyzer: This is an online service that offers free linguistic analysis to detect human feelings -like joy, fear, sadness, anger, analytical, confident and tentative tones- found in text – like Tweets, emails and Facebook messages.

  • Watson Tone Analyzer: This is a cloud based server created by IBM, it analyzes emotions and tones in online contents (e.g. Facebook posts, reviews and Tweets) to predict the emotional status of the writer. This service can be used in different scenarios -other than intelligence- like detecting customers tones to understand their needs or to better serve them.

  • Fake Sport: This site analyzes Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Apple App store users reviews to check The credibility of these reviews.

  • Review Meta: Investigate user reviews on Amazon to check which one is likely to be fake or misleading.

People Search

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint

General People Search Engines

  • Truth finder: TruthFinder has a huge database of social media profiles, address history, contact information, public records (federal, country and state data sources) and other commercial sources, you can search using target first and/or last name in addition to city/state where he lives or lived before.

  • 411: Search for people within the United States, search parameter includes Full name, location, reverse phone lookup, email and business.

  • Pipl

  • People Smart: Search for people using thier name, phone, address or email.

  • Skip Ease

  • Spokeo

  • TruePeopleSearch

  • US Search

  • Peek You

  • Zaba Search: Find people in the USA using name or phone number.

  • White Pages: Search for people within the USA using their name, phone number, business or address.

  • Been Verified: Search for people within USA using their name, phone, email or mailing address.

  • Address Search: Search for someone email or mailing address using his name and location, the service is limited to the United States only.

  • Lullar: Search social media websites using target email address or first & last name or username.

  • Yasni

  • My Life

  • Anywho: Finding people , places and businesses. You can search by name, address or phone number.

  • intelius: People search and phone number lookup.

  • Snoop Station: Search for people using full name and location. Commercial service.

  • Family Tree Now

  • Radaris

  • Info Space

  • Cubib: Search millions of online data records for free. Aggregated data is derived from people search, marketing data, property records, vehicle records, court records, patents, business registration, domain name registration, and white house visitation records.

  • That’s Them

  • Webmii

  • How many of me

  • Genealogy

  • Sorted By Name: A list of links to genealogy details -based on the first letter of the person’s surname- mentioned on other websites.

Online Registries

User Name Check

  • Check user name: Check the use of a specific username on 160 Social Networks, very useful to discover target social media accounts if he/she was using the same username on multiple platforms.

  • Namechk: Check to see if a specified username is used for major domain names and social media sites.

  • Namecheckr: Check domain & social username availability across multiple networks.

  • User Search: Scan 45 popular social media websites.

  • knowem

  • Namevine

Email Search

Email validation services. This service checks whether an email address exists or not and gives other detailed technical information about it.

Phone Number Search

Employee Profile


Government Records

Vital Records

These are government records usually created by local authorities, it includes birth and death records, marriage licenses and divorce decrees

Criminal & Court Records

Property Record

Tax & Financial Records

Social Security Number Search

  • SSN Check: Reverse Social Security Number Lookup (For USA only).

  • SSN-Verify: Social Security Number search and lookup tools.

Other Public Records

There are other types of online public records that can prove useful in some cases.

Local libraries in USA offer access to proprietary databases like ReferenceUSA (huge directory service) and America’s Newspapers (full-text obituaries) for a small fee. In many instances, such services can be offered remotely in exchange for a valid library subscription card.

OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint

Technical Footprinting

Website history

Website monitoring services

Alert services

RSS Tools And Services

Websites mirroring tools

  • HTTrack: Copy website for offline view.

  • GNU Wget: Retrieve files using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS internet protocols.

  • BlackWidow: Download complete site or part of it and can download any kind of files- including YouTube videos embedded within it.

Link extractor

Check target website backlinks

  • To see all linked websites to a specific domain name, type the following in Google: site:* darknessgate.com (There should be a space between the asterisk and the domain name). 

Identify technologies used

  • Built with: Give detailed technical information about the technology used to build target website.

  • Wappalyzer

  • dnslytics: To Find domains sharing the same Google Analytics ID.

IT devices Default Credentials

Vulnerabilities Database

Web Scraping Tools

  • Common Crawl: maintain an open repository of web crawl data that can be accessed and analyzed by anyone.

  • theHarvester: This is a tool for gathering subdomain names, e-mail addresses, virtual hosts, open ports/ banners, and employee names from different public sources like: Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, pgp and more.

  • Web data extractor (Commercial Application): Collect various data types including URLs, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, as well as meta tag information and body text.

  • 80legs: (Commercial) Web Scraping Tools and Cloud-Based Web Crawling.

  • agenty: Cloud-based agents for data scraping, text extraction, ocr, categorization, change detection, sentiment analysis and more…

  • Anthracite: is a collection of Web mining power tools combined in an easy-to-use graphical environment that lets users quickly and seamlessly extract data from Internet sources, modify it to suit their needs, and export it to templates or databases, e.g. for RSS feeds.

  • apify: is a web scraping and automation platform for developers.

  • artoo.js: is a piece of JavaScript code meant to be run in your browser’s console to provide you with some scraping utilities.

  • scrapy:An open source and collaborative framework for extracting the data you need from websites.

  • datatoolbar

  • DEiXTo

  • datasift

  • Email extractor

Website certification search

Statistics & analytics Tools

Website Reputation Checker

WHOIS Lookup

Subdomain Discovery

IP address tracking

IP Geolocation information
Information about IP (Internet Protocol)
BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
Blacklist IP addresses
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint
OSINT Tools, OSINT Links, AdvisorBM_Osint

Online Maps

General Geospatial Research Tools

  • Digital Globe: Easy to use global map imagery tool with advanced search filters.

  • Bing Maps: Alternative to Google Map.

  • Yandex Maps: A Russian alternative to Google.

  • Baidu Maps: A Chinas alternative to Google.

  • Daum: Koran Map.

  • N2yo: Live streaming from different satellites. It also gives information about the tracked satellites and their coverage area.

  • Wigle: Wi-Fi networks mapping around the globe. It shows the Wi-Fi network name along with the access point MAC (Hardware) address, in addition to the possible location where free Wi-Fi is might be available.

  • BB Bike:  Compare between two maps, for example, compare the same location map for Bing and Google map to see the difference in target location.

  • Newspaper map: List all newspapers around the globe on a map, you can filter according to location and newspaper language.

  • USGS: Search world map using different search criteria like address, place name or location coordinates. Map version is newer than Google maps.

  • Google Street View: View a specific location -must be existed within Google street view database- as if you are there.

  • Google maps Street View player: Show street view -where available- between two points on the map.

  • RouteView: Another Google map street viewer.

  • Open Street Cam: View open street cameras in a specific location -where available.

  • Zoom Earth: View international cloud imagery -updated each day- from NASA satellites.

  • Terrapattern: This is a visual search tool for satellite imagery, it allows you to search wide geographical area for specific visual effect. Currently, the search works in the following cities: New York, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Berlin, Miami and Austin.

  • dominoc925: Show Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) Coordinates.

  • Mapillary: View street level imagery uploaded by people around the world. It gives a 3D view of many places (its database currently have 259,200,042), very useful to discover/investigate a specific location while you are not there.

  • Address Lookup: Find the address of any place on Google Maps.

  • Inspire Geoportal: Give access to European spatial data.

  • Hiking and Biking map: A map for hiking and biking.

  • Viamichelin: Show tourist, restaurants, hotels, traffic and weather on world map.

  • CORONA Project: List more than 800,000 images collected by the CORONA spy satellite launched by the United Sates and was in operation between 1960-1972.

  • Ani Maps: Create maps with interactive animations.

  • Trip Geo: Create a direction map using Google Street View data.

  • GeoGig: Open source tool which import raw geospatial data (currently from Shapefiles, PostGIS or SpatiaLite) into a repository to track any change to the data.

  • GRASS GIS: This is an open source Geographic Information System (GIS) software used for managing and analyzing geospatial data, spatial modeling, and visualization.

  • Timescape: This is a map based storytelling platform.

  • Polymaps: A JavaScript library for making dynamic, interactive maps in modern web browsers and supports different visual presentations to place on.

  • Mapquest: Helps you to find places on a map (Like Hotels, restaurants, coffee, Grocery stores, pharmacy, airport and many more), you can also use this service to find the best route -shortest one and estimated time to arrive- when going from one place to another.

  • NGA GEOINT: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency official repository of map related tools on GitHub.

  • Free Map Tools: Find the radius around a point on the map.

  • Maphub: Create interactive map by adding points, lines, polygons or labels in addition to customized background.

  • Crowdmap: This is an annotation tool that allows you to visualize information on a map and timeline.

  • Maperitive: This is a Windows software for drawing maps based on OpenStreetMap and GPS data.

  • Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection: List online maps of current interest around the world in addition to different map -including historical maps- of different locations around the world.

  • United Nations Geospatial Information Section

  • Roundshot: View live cameras from selected regions around the world.

  • Live Earthquake Map

  • Universal Postal Union: Find zipcodes of all countries.


Commercial Satellites


Global Date/Time

  • Wolframe Alpha: Enter a specific city/town or any location and the site will retrieve important information about it, like: Population, current local time, current weather, nearby cities, nearby airports, geographic properties and many more.

  • SunCalc: Shows sun movement during the course of the day for any given location on the map.

  • SunCalc

  • Mooncalc


Location Based Social Media


  • Geo Search Tool: This is a Geolocation search tool for YouTube geotagged videos. You can search for videos at a given address and in a given time-frame.


  • Facebook Live: Go to Facebook live to see where there are live videos currently broadcasting. Live videos appear on a global map; a user can click over any live video -represented as a blue dot- to view/save it.

Twitter Geo-Location

  • Tweet Mapper: This is a free service to list all Geo-tagged tweets (All tweets posted while the “Location” feature is ON). All you need to do is to enter target Twitter handle then press ENTER. A map will appear showing red markers.

  • One Million Tweet Map: View world latest one million tweets on a map.

  • Qtr Tweets: Allows you to find all tweets within a specific distance from the target location on map, you can also search for keywords and filter the results according to a predefined criterion like: tweets with images and tweets with non-location data.

  • Tweet Map: Visualize all tweets on a global map, click over the points -which represent tweets- to read tweet content. You can also see top hash tags and tweets and search for them.

Other Geo-Location Social Media Tools

  • Strava Heat Map: This is a performance measurement sporting App for athletics; it works by monitoring athletic activities through the GPS sensor existed within their smartphone (supports Apple and Android) or any other supported devices. Strava heat map shows ‘heat’ made by aggregated, public activities over the last two years, this map is updated monthly.


Transport Tracking

Air Movements

  • Flight Aware: This company is considered the largest flight tracking data company in the world, it offers its flight tracking service free of charges for both private and commercial air traffic.

  • Flight Radar 24: Offer international real-time civilian flight tracking service, it tracks over 150000 flights per day and has the ability to track specific types of military jets (Like Russian and NATO jets) in some regions.

  • Air Cargo Tracker: Track air cargo for 190 airlines, you need to supply the Air cargo number to track the plane. The site also lists Airline code, Airline prefixes and Airport codes.

  • Radar Box 24: International airplane tracker.

  • PlaneFinder

  • World Aircrafts Database


Maritime Movements


Vehicles and Railway

  • ASM: Real time train tracking across the USA.

  • Train Time:Live map of London underground trains.

  • Aprs


Package Tracking

  • After Ship: Track 447 couriers worldwide. Just enter the package number and it will automatically detect the courier company.

  • Tracking EX: Track 235 courier.

  • 17 Track: Package tracking service.

  • Package trackr: Track global couriers and visualize the delivery path with Google Maps.

  • Boxoh: Package tracking service for USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL/AirBorne.

  • Canada Post

  • Royal Mail



IP, MAC address data and service compilation for
OSINT computer intelligence.

1. IP Data Retrieval

2. Data search by MAC-address.

  • xinit.ru - shows Wi-Fi location;

  • alexell.ru - will also show the location.

  • wigle.net  - finds Wi-Fi access point, its physical address and name;


3. Compilation of services for OSINT computer intelligence
List of services and utilities designed to analyze such data as IP, SSID, file metadata, DNS records and everything where the object of analysis is an element of IT structure, be it a site or IP address.

  • Urlscan.io - checks to whom a TLS certificate was issued and which IP addresses are associated with the site.

  • PDFCandy - service allows to extract and modify PDF metadata. 

  • wigle - can show SSID and BSSID of Wi-Fi access points on the map.

  • PublicWWW  - the service searches for information on the source code of pages. Finds nicknames, links in the code, compares site icons, which allows you to search for twins; finds any similar links to identifiers or phrases, wallets, tokens, also allows you to find providers of advertising widgets, etc.

  • Metadata2Go  - helps to find out all the metadata of a file.

  • HostHunter  - searches for domain names using a set of IP addresses.

  • Knock Subdomain Scan  - searches subdomains on the target domain and can generate an output file with the results.

  • Namechk  - a site that will find all of a person's accounts in all social networks and