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What Businesses Need to Know About Open Source Intelligence 


A new industry standard

  • We offer enhanced cyber security consulting services, combining superior technical expertise and an innovative, client-centric approach. 

Security services and reports should help you drive toward commercial action

  • Offensive and defensive services are often carried out to report a breach or risk, however fail to advise an actionable plan for business. We will always include practical steps to create valuable change in your business, and to assist your teams in levelling up their security skills.

SI Offensive Services

Technical assessment of your systems and applications allow you to gain insights into your security posture and are critical to improving system security, helping to ensure your organisation is ready to operate in our increasingly digital world.

Penetration Testing

The team offers world-class penetration testing services to organisations of all sizes across a range of sectors. Our team leverage their extensive knowledge of attackers' behaviours and abilities to design a test plan based on your current needs that ensures we bring value to you as a client.  

Our reports are detailed, accessible and will provide you with the insight to make immediate changes towards improving the security stance of your organisation.

Gain clarity on your vulnerabilities

Insight to make immediate changes towards improving the security stance of your organisation

Tailored advice on how to improve and develop your longer-term security posture as well as meeting immediate requirements

SI Defensive Services

Digital Forensics.
Digital forensics play a vital role following an incident or breach. SI’s DFIR specialists offer a highly disciplined approach to uncovering and interpreting evidence, its validation, preservation and documentation.

Incident Response.
Our team are adept at performing skillful, time-critical incident response, identifying and minimising possible breaches. Secure Impact’s IR service will reduce potential damage to your intellectual property, company time, resources and brand value, enabling you to quickly recover and resume business operations. 

Digital Footprint Service.
​​Our digital footprint service allows a business, members of its C-suite, or a HNWI to understand their attack surface from a human and technical perspective. Using passive techniques only, to minimise disruption to the client, digital foot printing shows you everything a potential adversary could access and collect with the intention to then leverage against you and/or your business.


If you are seeking support, advice and services around compliance matters such as Cyber Essentials Plus, PCI DSS or NIS, our experts are here to help.

Our team also have experience solving and advising on some of the more niche cybersecurity challenges, too, therefore please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to help, or advise on trusted partners if not.

Tabletop Exercises

We can design and run hands-on exercises in real-world environments to prepare your team and wider organization to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of the world in which we all operate.

This can be a highly rewarding opportunity to involve leadership and business teams in cyber security matters, building relationships, mapping out various organisational strengths and vulnerabilities, and then testing these in one or more scenarios.

Clarify roles and responsibilities

Aimed toward executive involvement to foster buy-in and security awareness

Map out organisational strengths and vulnerabilities, and test these in one or more scenarios

Cyber Ranges

Based on industry or company-specific issues, threats, or vulnerabilities, we can create a controlled environment in which responses and strategies can be tested and improved upon. Usually best-focused on the security team themselves.

Training in an authentic but controlled environment

Minimise internal incidents and promote better security hygiene

Ideal for our larger clients with complex IT environments

Prepare your team to deal with ever-increasing complexity

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