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Browser extensions for OSINT

|Search two different search engines for email domains and search photo search engine for other services.

Double Shot Search ( )

is a Chrome extension that doubles your search. You can search on both Bing and Google at the same time. ( )

a service that will find e-mail addresses associated with a particular domain. Also, you can use this tool to find an email address by last name in a couple of seconds.

RevEye ( )

is an open-source Chrome extension that punches in a photo using Google, Bing, Yandex and TinEye.

Namechk ( )

is a site that will find all the accounts of a person in all social networks and messengers.  It is enough to enter his nickname in one social network and the same nickname will be found in the other one.


Finding a Target by IP and MAC Address - OSINT

Folks, today I have prepared for you a very useful collection of resources, thanks to which you can find information about your target with IP or MAC address.

Search by IP address

- HostHunter ( ) - Discovers and extracts host names from a set of target IP addresses;

- cyberhubarchive ( ) - archive of leaked data, it has IP addresses of Skype accounts;

- iknowwhatyoudownload ( ) - shows what is being downloaded online;

- ( ) - automatic search and link mapping;

- ( ) - will find a list of all Tor outbound nodes in the last 16 hours that could reach an IP;

- ( ) - will find domains;

- @iptools_robot - bot to quickly find ip address information, will find whois, real IP behind Cloudflare, ports and more;

- ( ) - checks if the IP address was used as a host for Tor traffic, requires a date;


Compilation of services for OSINT computer intelligence

List of services and utilities created for analysis of such data as IP, SSID, file metadata, DNS records, and everything where the object of analysis is an element of IT structure, be it a site or IP address.

  • Whatsmydns ( ) - Check DNS records of the site (including hidden ones).

  • ( ) - Site data including hosting location and owner location, as well as other data.

  • ( ) - check domain or IP address by whois; get snapshots from Google cache and data from web archive; services and protocols on server; HTTP response headers; links from site pages on host; email addresses of domain; check site on; show real IP address behind Cloudflare; DNS infrastructure of site.

  • ( ) - checks who is issued a TLS certificate and which IP addresses are associated with the site.

  • PDFCandy ( ) - service gives you the ability to extract and modify PDF metadata.

  • Wigle ( ) - can show you the SSID and BSSID of the Wi-Fi hotspots on the map.

  • PublicWWW ( ) - service searches the source code of pages. Finds nicknames, references in code, matching website icons, that allows looking for twins; find any similar IDs or phrases, wallets, tokens, also allows finding advertising widgets providers, etc.

  • Metadata2Go (  ) - helps to find out all the metadata of a file.

  • HostHunter ( ) - searches domain names for a set of IP addresses.

  • Knock Subdomain Scan ( )- Crawls subdomains on the target domain and can generate an output file with results.


Looking for a person's details from a bank card number - OSINT.

There are situations where we get scammed by fraudsters with only the card number in hand.

Search through mobile banking

We try to make a transfer through our bank's mobile application. In this case, it is desirable that both you and the object of the search used the same major bank such as Sber.

But here it is a matter of luck.

If the stars are aligned, the banking interface will give us the name of the cardholder.

Search through special services

There are dozens of services on the net that allow you to find specific information by card number.

It can be a name of a bank, a type of card or a region the owner lives in.

- ( )

- ( )

- ( )

This service allows you to check your credit debit card type and other details. ( (


Bitcoin Bitcoin wallet checker - OSINT

It is no longer a secret that bitcoin is not as anonymous as many people think. The balance of a wallet and all of its transfers can easily be tracked. That's why there is a list of some services that can help with this.

1. Bitref ( ) - Bitcoin wallet verification.

2. Block Explorer ( ) - Block Explorer, allows you to track where and when your bitcoin wallet's money goes.

3. Blockchain ( ) - Block Explorer, also allows you to track transactions in your wallet.

4. Cryptocurrency Alerting ( ) - Service allowing you to set notifications about activity of your address.

5. Blockseer ( ) - Visualisation of links between addresses involved in transactions.


Picking up the victim by photo-OSINT.

Photo Sherlock ( ) - The application provides a photo search from the camera or gallery. You can use it to find information about a picture on the Internet, for example to check who really owns a photo from a social network (check for fake images).

The modification got Premium, removed ads and rubbish. An indispensable thing for any OSINT'er. ( )- free service for searching faces in social networks. Currently there are 4 image bases:

1 billion 109 million 563 thousand avatars;

280 million 781 thousand avatars from +;

125 million 443 thousand avatars from TikTok;

4 million 594 thousand avatars from ClubHouse;

You can search not only by photo but also by any other image of a human face. For example, from a picture or a sketch.

Get one-touch information about a picture on the Internet!

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