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Terms of use for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

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Partners: Legal services for crypto projects.
Project Category Description: Terms of use for crypto projects.
Most often ordered for: Blockchain projects, tokens, cryptocurrencies, NFT. DeFi, cryptocurrency exchanges, other crypto projects.

The turnaround time is no more than 4 days.

User Agreement in accordance with international law and the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market.

User agreement for a cryptocurrency or investment project.

A standard order includes:

- A user agreement for a specific project, taking into account international legislation.

- One user agreement for a specific site.

Protect your project from user claims.

Our specialists will make a legally competent User Agreement for the cryptocurrency project (ICO, IEO, DEFI, Investment projects, MLM).

Competently drafted user agreement will allow your project:

Eliminate all problems with users.

Protect your project from future claims.

Eliminate the risk of litigation and other risks.

Create a completely clear and safe algorithm of interaction between the user and the project.

When writing a document we take into account applicable laws of countries where your project will operate, EU, CIS, USA, UAE, RUS and other countries.

Quality assurance, extensive experience in various cryptocurrency and investment projects.

Send us the following information to fulfill your order:

  • Website link.
  • Access to the user part of the personal account, if any, or description.
  • Description of your project, functionality, in your own words from you.
  • White paper, other technical documents, if you have them.
  • If the site is not launched yet - a description of its planned themes and main functions.
  • If necessary - answers to clarifying questions in correspondence.
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Please note: You can use additional options, the price is for standard options, maybe according to your requirements the price will be higher or lower. And maybe we can offer you the most suitable and profitable option, which will be ideal for you.

🔥We strongly recommend contacting us before ordering.

You can send all information through the form on the site or by e-mail.

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