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We will add your project on CoinGecko - payment only for results.

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✅ Orders take an average of 14 to 28 days to complete.

✅ Payment is made only if your project is successfully checked and added to CoinGecko.

✅ The standard order includes the following services.

🔰 Project audit.

🔰 Recommendations for project edits.

🔰 Carry out all actions to bring the project in line with the requirement, including project registration on other resources, increase in trade turnover and other actions.

🔰 Compliance procedure, preparing application according to the requirements.

🔰 Application for project listing on CoinGecko.

🔰 Support of the application till the moment of the project permission in CoinGecko list.

🔥🔥🔥🔥Please note, this service is not corrupt, CoinGecko, does not charge a listing fee.

Our service is to accompany the project at all stages of listing.

But given our experience and knowledge of certain nuances, we are confident in our abilities. And that is why the payment is made only if the service is completed and the project is added to COINGECKO.

Today more than 120 of our clients have already been added to CoinGecko list with our help.

We not only know in detail all requirements and standards of COINGECKO for listing projects. But the name of a great experience we also know some subtleties and tricks which information is not available in public sources.

Working with us you do not bear any risks, because you make a payment only after your project is added to CoinGecko if we could not achieve this (which is unlikely) you just do not pay anything!

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Please note: be sure to contact us before ordering, there are projects that we will not be able to help get listed on CoinGecko under any conditions.

The following information is required from you to order:

1. Describe, your project.

2. Send a link to a smart contract.

3. Send a list of DEX\CEX exchanges where your token is currently listed.

Describe on which exchanges and forums apart from COINGECKO your project is currently represented.

5. Send the link to your project website.

6. Send a link to your project's social networks.

7. If possible, send a link to the project team's social networks.

8. If your project was written about in the media send the link.

9. If you have previously applied for inclusion of your project in the CoinGecko list send the date of submission, and the text of the rejection letter from COINGECKO.

🔥 We strongly recommend contacting us before ordering.

You can send all the information via the form on the site or by e-mail.

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