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Tools and resources for analyzing and securing smart contracts in blockchain.

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Tools for analyzing and securing smart contracts in blockchain.
  • Porosity - Decompiler and Security Analysis tool for Blockchain-based Ethereum Smart-Contracts.

  • Mythril - Security analysis tool for Ethereum smart contracts.

  • MAIAN - Automatic tool for finding trace vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts.

  • Echidna - Ethereum fuzz testing framework.

  • Ethersplay - A graphical EVM disassembler with advanced features. (Binja)

  • Oyente - An automatic EVM code analyzer based on symbolic execution and Z3 SMT solver.

  • IDA-EVM - IDA Processor Module for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

  • Evmdis - EVM disassembler.

  • Securify - Formal Verification of Ethereum Smart Contracts.

  • SmartCheck - Static smart contract security analyzer

  • Solgraph - Visualise Solidity control flow for smart contract security analysis

  • Manticore - Symbolic execution tool on Smart Contracts and Binaries

  • Rattle - Rattle is an EVM static analyzer that analyzes the EVM bytecode directly for vulnerabilities.

  • Slither - Static analysis on Solidity.

  • Diligence - Security Services, Tools and Best Practices for the Ethereum Ecosystem.

  • Fuildai - Fluid is an AI that can automatically find and fix fatal security vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts.

  • VSCode - Solidity Visual Auditor Extension for VS Code.

Blockchain Bug Bounty Platform

  • Immunefi - Immunefi is the premier bug bounty platform.

  • HackenProof - Crowdsourced cybersecurity testing platform.

  • Ethereum - Ethereum official bug bounty platform.

  • DVPNET - Decentralized Vulnerability Platform.

  • SlowMist - SlowMist bug bounty platform.

  • Bounty0x - Bounty0x is a cryptocurrency bounty hunting platform.

  • BugBounter - BugBounter bug bounty platform.

Smart Contract Audit Reports

A database of all known smart contact vulnerabilities. It contains over 700 vulnerabilities.

All descriptions are divided into names, conditions, and GitHub links (with detailed descriptions and guidelines).

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