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Smart contract and ERC 20 ETH standard token, classic options.

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Product Details
✅ Deadline - no more than 5 days.
✅ Creating and publishing a smart contract
✅ A standard order includes:
  • Creating a contract and ERC20 token with manual distribution.
  • Fixing the smart contract.
  • Testing in Test Net.
  • Deployment in MainNet, in Etherscan.
  • Code verification and verified status assignment in Etherscan (verifyContract).
  • Verification and confirmation of ownership and linking your token to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Transferring all of your tokens to your wallet.
  • Price includes Ethereum system fee, contract deployment fee.
Scope of services : One token and one smart contract (all options described above)

🔥🔥🔥 Please note: This price includes a fully ready and working smart contract and token, with standard options. If you would like to add additional or custom options, we strongly recommend that you contact us before ordering.

Typical smart contract (with manual token allocation), suitable for most projects, allows you to add your project to decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, and publishing the contract to Blockchain Etherium is included.

If you plan any additional or non-standard features, the price and execution time may change, be sure to agree it with us before ordering.
Bonus: We will verify your smart contract and project at for free

Need for ordering:

  • We need information from you.
  • Token name.
  • Token symbol.
  • The number of tokens issued.
  • Decimal digits.
  • Do you have a MetaMask wallet?
  • If you need special options in your contract, describe them in detail.
In most cases, we only take on personal smart contracts if we are leading a turnkey project.
Programming language : Solidity

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Please note: You can use additional options, the price is for standard options, maybe according to your requirements the price will be higher or lower. And maybe we can offer you the most suitable and profitable option, which will be ideal for you.

🔥We strongly recommend contacting us before ordering.

You can send all the information via the form on the site or by e-mail.

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